Where is AEROS MH-1 now?

This application provides real-time visualization of the position of AEROS MH-1 satellite.

The satellite's position is calculated and redrawn on the map every minute using it's TLE (Two Line Element), a standardised format containing orbital elements for Earth-orbiting objects.

The AEROS Constellation Project

  • Purpose The AEROS Constellation project aims to harness synergies between space and ocean sciences to monitor and sustainably exploit Earth's oceans.
  • Why Oceans? Oceans, covering most of Earth's surface, are vital for ecological balance, weather patterns, and oxygen production. They are crucial for technological, scientific, and economic progress.
  • Portuguese DNA Led by Portugal, a burgeoning space-faring nation, AEROS seeks to align with the "Atlantic Interactions" research agenda and UN Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Consortium A collaborative effort among Portuguese companies, research institutes, and universities, AEROS integrates national and international expertise to develop cutting-edge nanosatellite technologies.
  • Technology Integration AEROS employs nanosatellite platforms equipped with advanced sensors and communication systems. Managed from Portugal, it forms an integrated system for ocean and space exploration.
  • Vision A precursor to a future constellation, AEROS MH-1 paves the way for sustainable ocean monitoring and valuation, fostering scientific discovery and economic growth while promoting environmental stewardship.

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TLE source: https://celestrak.org/